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Lund Sales

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As an established business in the community, Lund Sales came to us with one question: How can OnRamp increase our sales?

After a short while, we decided a completely new website was in order. The design would focus on selling products to the customer instead of merely introducing the business to them.

We began by creating a home page that would answer the most common questions asked by Lund Sales' potential customers. The remaining pages followed suit; each serving a specific purpose: to collectively create an online sales pitch to convert viewing visitors into informed individuals.

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HOPE School

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“Caleb not only has the gift for web design but also the passion for the organizations he contracts with and is very wise and honest. What a blessing he has been to us!”

When HOPE School, the local school for children with hearing loss, first approached us through the recommendation of one of their student's parents, their website was in poor shape. It had been through a long litany of prior web developers that had built hack upon hack, which made fast and simple changes very time-consuming and expensive.

OnRamp was able to step in and stop the madness by developing a new Wordpress website using a commercial-grade template very affordably. The focus of the new website was twofold: build it in such a way that would discourage hacks to ensure that the school would have a long-lasting platform, and start again with a modern design that would operate very well on mobile devices.

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Cecil's Letters

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Cecil's Letters is an ambitious side-project of Caleb Grove (the guy behind OnRamp). In late 2014, he stumbled upon a series of 300 letters written by a close relative during his service in the Civil War. This is a project to transcribe, index, and release these letters for researchers to use.

The website itself was hand-coded and uses a customized CMS to make indexing the letters by author, location, medium, and other attributes possible. This will allow researchers to analyze every aspect of the letters, in addition to being able to search for keywords.

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Create Memories

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“We could not afford the high price most companies wanted to charge and did not have the time to do it ourselves. I would highly recommend Caleb to create the website that is just right for your business.”

As owners of a new business, Connie and Fred knew they needed a website. They also knew that their website needed to look beautiful, be usable, and rank well in Google.

This is where OnRamp Web Design stepped in. With a swift turnaround time, focus on detail, and expertise in getting websites near the top in search results, we created them a website that was simple, beautiful, and crafted to increase their clientele.

By integrating an easy to use content managment system, they can edit all the website's content from a browser without having to touch any code.

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Caleb Grove

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Caleb Grove is the aptly-named personal website of OnRamp Web Design's owner, Caleb Grove. This is where he shares what he learns whilst building some of the best custom websites around.

This site's design features a heavy emphasis on content. The minimalist design is carefully crafted to make the consumption of the content as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

To that end, there is a heavy emphasis on typography. Open Sans makes for a very readable and understated sans-serif font while still retaining some personality, while Merriweather contrasts with a forceful and heavy personality.

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The Battle of Snoqualmie

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We were proud to be able to work again with the WCWA on another one of their event websites after building the website for The Battle of Deep Creek. This time, it's for a first-year reenactment in Snoqualmie, WA.

Because this is the first reenactment at this location, having a helpful and well-designed website was critical to bring in spectators. The one-page website is intentionally brief and concise to help get the visitors to the information that matters. It also has a responsive (mobile-friendly) design, which is critical given that similar websites are now seeing more mobile users than desktop users.

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Windpigs Condo

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“The whole process was smooth and simple for me. I received a creative design layout that was easy for my visitors to get quick answers - the end result was more business!”

Ray and Carole approached us with a simple need: a fully functioning website at an affordable price. They already had a site they set up using a popular online website builder, but soon realized this did not meet their expectations.

With our knowledge in web usability and search engine optimization, we quickly built them a custom website that drove traffic to itself through search engines, and also converted visitors into loyal and lasting customers.

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“I have used Backdraft for several professional jobs and the clients have loved the results. A breeze to use and the customer service is second to none.”

Backdraft was born from the need for professional designers to create responsive websites in the WYSIWYG environment of Freeway Pro.

When we sat down to create Backdraft, we rethought the traditional template system. The result is a set of responsive "modules" which can be arranged on the page in any order, thereby giving the designer the power to create custom layouts without writing a single line of code.

Are you a professional designer using Freeway Pro and needing the ability to create a responsive website? Backdraft is your cup of tea, guaranteed.

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Databar Pro

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“Caleb was prompt and followed through on everything he said he was going to do. On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with and offered invaluable insight. I’d highly recommend Caleb and OnRamp’s services!”

Jason Yates, a Databar associate, grew tired of pointing his clients to Databar's website. It had become dated and outgrown the organizational system it was built around.

He came to us with one goal - to create a website that was simple, easy to use, and yet had all the tools his clients needed. As a designer himself who had a crystal-clear vision already set for this site, our job was on the technical and usability side of the construction.

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