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HOPE School

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When HOPE School, the local school for children with hearing loss, first approached us through the recommendation of one of their student's parents, their website was in poor shape. It had been through a long litany of prior web developers that had built hack upon hack, which made fast and simple changes very time-consuming and expensive.

OnRamp was able to step in and stop the madness by developing a new Wordpress website using a commercial-grade template very affordably. The focus of the new website was twofold: build it in such a way that would discourage hacks to ensure that the school would have a long-lasting platform, and start again with a modern design that would operate very well on mobile devices.

What We Do

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Website Creation

Considerate design shows that you and your business care. It shows that your business takes pride in its work, is reliable, and sincerely cares about each customer's experience. The problem? Not all web designers know the secret to good design.

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Perhaps your website needs an upgrade? OnRamp Web Design can work directly with your website's designer or developer to improve conversion rates, rankings in search engines, overall user experience, and loading speed.

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Freeway Development

Let us bring our mastery of inline and responsive Freeway construction to your Freeway website. With hundreds of hours of experience creating responsive websites and a firm understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, we will set your site apart from the others.

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Our Clients Say

“Caleb did a fantastic job in building our local site. He was prompt and followed through on everything he said he was going to do. On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with and offered invaluable insight on best practices for putting a simple yet highly functional site like ours together. I’d highly recommend Caleb and OnRamp’s services!”
Jason Yates - Databar Pro - Spokane, WA

About OnRamp

OnRamp Web Design was started in early 2013 by Caleb Grove in Spokane, Washington. He had been building websites for several years at that time and wanted to start using his experience to help local businesses. Caleb takes great pride in a conscientious approach to web design and running a buisnesses; always erring on the side of "doing things right" whenever the line is fuzzy.

Around that time, Caleb spent several summers working for cattle ranchers in and around Lewistown, Montana, so when the chance came in early 2015 to relocate, he jumped at the chance. Now, he lives and works just outside of Lewistown. When he's not building websites, he's working for the Melton ranch out at Forest Grove as a part-time cowboy.

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